Hey there! Welcome to Any Hedge Alpha testing!

Thanks for helping us out!

Please read the following information to get up to speed with the alpha process! The link to the AnyHedge alpha website is at the bottom!

Introduction to AnyHedge

AnyHedge allows you to take leveraged long positions or hedge your fiat value through Bitcoin Cash: Permissionless, non-custodial, and on-chain. The functional nature of the UTXO model is odd at first and it involves a mental shift for most smart contract users. However, the tradeoffs are invaluable when it comes to performance and scaling. AnyHedge therefore aims to demonstrate the true ability of UTXO smart contracts.General Protocols is creating a white label of AnyHedge, which you will be testing in this alpha. This will eventually be released through the BCHBULL platform, once all testing is completed.

Aims of alpha testing

The aim of this alpha testing phase is to experience the white label from a user perspective wishing to leverage and hedge Bitcoin Cash through a unique financial instrument. We would be happy to also take technical feedback, but the focus is the user experience and critique of the platform itself.

AnyHedge alpha contract restrictions

Please make a note of the following contract restrictions when making contracts on the alpha testing.
  • Contract length is limited to a maximum of one week, and til the end of the alpha period (28th September 2022)
  • Longs are limitedup to $250 (5x leverage) ~ $5000 (1.2x leverage)
  • 20~50% price protection for hedging
  • ~10 BCH of LP liquidity per contract (therefore approximately $1000 for hedges, and  up to maximum $5000 for longs)

We want to know…

  • Any and all feedback that crosses your mind – for example, which parts were intuitive, which parts were clunky.
  • Does it work in your browser? (and what browser do you use)
  • Is there anything in the speculation steps that you would want differently?
  • Is there anything in the hedging steps that you would want differently?
  • Is there anything in the funding steps that you would want differently?
  • Is there anything in the follow-up steps that you would want differently?
  • After using AnyHedge, are you excited by the process and feel like this is an instrument you would use to hedge and speculate, especially in comparison to other platforms?

Do’s and don’ts…

  • Do talk to us in the AnyHedge Telegram channel!
  • Do test it on as many devices as you want – mobile, tablet, desktop!
  • Do read through the known issues below. It’s no problem to repeat them, we would rather know it twice than miss something!
  • Do not share the alpha link on public forums / social media platforms.

Known bugs and incomplete areas

  • Leave/log out is not functional
  • Account backup/restore is not functional
  • Visual designs are undergoing continuous updates
  • More details to be added to the overview page
  • Additional navigation buttons during the contract creation phase

Here is the link to the AnyHedge Alpha web app:

AnyHedge Alpha

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AH alpha testing
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