General Protocols

Building the future of programmable money.

Digital payment networks are becoming common all around the world. But the untapped power underneath this shift is the concept of programmable money. We're creating the protocols that the next wave of visionaries can build the future on.

General Protocols

We believe that smart money and decentralized finance are only the beginning.

Smart contracts on programmable money are the foundation of a multi-trillion dollar shift toward non-custodial and trustless networks. Every aspect of the existing financial sector will be affected by these technologies, and the new industries that emerge will become an integral part of our daily lives.

General Protocols

We build open source protocols to empower the next generation of innovators.

Just as nobody could have predicted Uber during the dot-com bubble of last century, no one can predict what innovations will emerge from the protocols we are building today. What we do know is that these technologies will unleash a creativity that will touch the lives of billions of people.

General Protocols

We make it easy for businesses to profit from the next era in finance.

The next step in decentralized finance is to put the hype aside and get serious. While we're dreaming of a better future, we know that businesses need to focus on today. General Protocols represents the bridge between the immediate challenges of the financial industry and the unimagined future of decentralized finance.

Our Protocols

General Protocols


AnyHedge is a smart contract protocol for facilitating synthetic derivative trades.


Our Team

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John Nieri


John has over 15 years of experience in leadership and management positions, from engineering to teaching to biotech, in both the United States and Japan. He has contributed to Bitcoin Cash open source projects including BCHD, BCH Node, Cash Accounts, Cash Shuffle, and Flipstarter.
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Jonathan Silverblood

Lead Developer

Jonathan has extensive experience in software development including website, mobile, database, and library development, and network and systems administration. He created and maintains two key Bitcoin Cash standards, Cash ID and Cash Accounts, as well as full implementations of each.
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Eric Teng

Operations Manager

Eric is a natural entrepreneur - founder and co-founder of projects and companies both in and outside of Bitcoin Cash, as well as an organizer of the Bitcoin Cash Singapore meetup. In line with his business development experience, he brings a strong focus on revenue, profit and growth.
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Marcel Chuo

Business Development

Marcel is well known for his media writing, relationship management and business development in his former PR, Editor and Business Development roles at He managed corporate relationships for the company, built a global expansion strategy and coordinated the HTC partnership launch.
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Rosco Kalis

Senior Developer

Rosco is a well respected developer in both the Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum ecosystems. He created and maintains CashScript, a high-level programming language for Bitcoin Cash smart contracts. He also maintains a number of Ethereum libraries and projects such as


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Ian Descôteaux


Ian has been in digital asset mining since the beginning. He established an operation that reached 40 MW of operating power, developed novel management tools, and oversaw a global top 10 mining pool and cloud mining platform. Now a key player at, the world's first commodity clearinghouse for hashing power contracts.
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Say-Tar Goh

Strategic Advisor

Say-Tar has contributed to design, specification, testing and infrastructure in many Bitcoin Cash projects including Electron Cash, Simple Ledger, full node projects and more.


As part of our ecosystem sustainability commitment, we sponsor projects we depend on.

BCHD debugs our transactions. CashScript compiles our smart contracts.
Electron Cash prototypes our projects. Libauth validates our smart contracts. Spedn built the first AnyHedge contract.

Frequently Asked Questions


QWhere is General Protocols located?

AGeneral Protocols is incorporated in Singapore and our team is located around the world.

QAre you hiring?

AWe are hiring through private channels and will open up to general hiring as we grow.


QWhat drives you?

AWe think that the growth and adoption of a permissionless money system is a historical event. We want to make it easy for individuals and organizations to realize the full potential of permissionless money.

QWhat is your business model?

AWe publish open source protocols that anyone in the world can use to make trustless, non-custodial p2p contracts with money. We also create paid services that make it very easy to use and integrate those protocols.

QWill your projects remain open source?

AYes. It is a central part of our business model to maximize usage of our protocols even if we are not involved. We want a part of the business opportunities on a global scale, not all of the opportunities on a small scale.

Let's build the future together.

If what we're doing excites you, please feel free to reach out.